Rose Cut Ring

Originally created for a client on the east coast this ring has quickly become a Love Zoelle favorite. The original ring was made with a vintage rose cut diamond mined in Botswana in the 1920's. An heirloom stone from our clients great grandmother. This ring was created with a few things in mind, 1) we wanted the ring to be low profile, 2) a simple design with a nod to the 20's, 3) to bolster the stone for optimal sparkle. 
We executed this design by setting this stone flat to the hand with a low profile, double prong setting. We set the stone on a hand card cushion "seat" so the the back of the ring was open to light. This helps with the sparkle factor. We added the double prong setting not only for extra support for this rare diamond but as a nod to antique engagement rings that often had a similar double prong setting.
This engagement ring was so special to us that our designer made one for herself in a diamond version and then added a moissanite, less expensive version for our customers. The Rose Cut Ring is by far our most popular engagement ring setting.