:of old, recognized, and enduring interest, importance, or quality : CLASSIC

Welcome to The Vintage Edit. Where old meets old, not new. Here at Love Zoelle we create, we envision, we design. An ever-evolving repertoire of ideas feverishly sketched on our worn out moleskin notepads at 3am. During our day to day design process we often find ourselves with some hidden treasures. Our clients will bring us pieces they would like us to redesign, part of our services are heirloom redesign. Some of these pieces are too precious to melt down and re-envision. That is where the vintage edit was made. We take pieces from our clients that are too special to be remade but that may not hold any sentimental value to our clients. This is where they live, this is where they will find their new home. The vintage edit is carefully curated. Each piece will fit into your jewelry box just like the Love Zoelle collection pieces, with ease and timelessness. These vintage pieces are elegant, traditional and made of the same materials we use in our collection 14-18k yellow gold, and precious genuine stones. 

If you have a piece you would like us to list on The Vintage Edit, please email