Do you accept returns?
Of course! Within 10 days of receiving the item. We do not accept returns or exchanges on customized items. Shipping the product back is the customers responsibly. All returns must be sent via registered mail. See our Terms & Conditions page for more information.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes! We ship to most global destinations. To see if we ship to your hometown email info@lovezoelle.com
When will my item ship?
All of our items are lovingly handmade in Missoula, MT and have a general lead time of 10 days. If we have the item on hand we will ship within 2 business days. If the order is personalized we will contact you with more details on when we will ship your item. If you want to check before purchasing an item you can email info@lovezoelle.com
What's my ring size?
You can use this Ring Size Guide, or make a trip to your local jeweler.
Do you make custom pieces?
Yes! If you would like to change metals/stones of current pieces we can accommodate you. If you would like to make a custom piece or engagement ring please email info@lovezoelle.com
What type of metal do you use?
We use refined 14k-18k yellow gold. Refined is an industry term for recycled and purified gold. We use "green" gold meaning we use a special mix of alloys that makes our gold more vibrant and it ages more gracefully than a regular mix of alloys.
Where is Love Zoelle made?
Love Zoelle is lovingly hand made and finished in the heart of the Diamond district in New York City. 
Where do your diamonds and stones come from?
We ethically source all of our diamonds and stones. We purchase all of our diamonds and stones through houses that abide by the Kimberly Agreement.
Can you make a piece in silver?
Yes! We can make most of our pieces in pure Sterling Silver or White Gold.
What if my piece breaks?
Jewelry is delicate and breaks can happen. If your piece breaks within the first year of purchase Love Zoelle will make complimentary repairs. After one year there will be a repair fee that will be discussed with the client before we begin repairs. If you have more questions visit our Terms & Conditions tab or email info@lovezoelle.com
Do I need a deposit for custom work?
As of 2023, we require a $250 CAD fee if CAD services are required for your piece. In addition to the CAD fee there is a $150 design fee. This is implemented to ensure we are payed for our work if you decide to not go forward with a project. If you decide to start the project the $150 design fee will be applied to your quote.
Do all custom heirloom and engagement rings require CAD design?
No, it is a case by case basis. The $250 fee is if your piece requires CAD printing. We will 3D print a wax model of pieces to be cast. Not all custom work uses CAD. If you want to know if your custom idea requires CAD you can email us: zoelle@lovezoelle.com