Love Zoelle Team

Zoelle Claire Devlin

What started as a passion project quickly turned into a business and now we're here! As a kid I was always fascinated with different metals and stones, going through old jewelry boxes was my favorite thing to do. I developed a love for the process of picking metals and stones for different pieces while the quality of pieces was always a top priority. Knowing that a well made piece of jewelry can last forever and can be passed down from generation to generation is the reason I design jewelry.
I wanted this brand to be feminine, simple and accessible while not compromising on quality. 




Merrilee Lindberg

Love Zoelle Photographer

Born and raised in Missoula, MT

Has a passion for fashion

Favorite Love Zoelle piece: The Fly Away Necklace





Taylor Riggs

Love Zoelle Operations Manager

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Ca

Environmental Studies degree from The University of Montana

Favorite Love Zoelle piece: Disk Necklace