Sapphire Gypsy Ring

I love the story behind this ring. A client came to me wanting to reset her engagement ring stone, which we did in a very simple setting. BUT upon our first design meeting she brought in this beautiful ring that was her late father-in-laws. She brought it with her to the meeting (it had a missing center stone) thinking that we could use the two diamonds in it for her new engagement ring setting. I quickly discouraged her from doing that because this ring was classic, structurally sound and was really just missing a center stone and needed to be resized to fit her smaller hands.

What we decided to do was to upgrade the missing center stone from what was previously a 3mm diamond to a 4mm montana blue sapphire for a pop of color and added dimension. We kept the other two 3mm white diamonds in the ring, giving them a quick polish and reset them. We made the ring 3 sizes smaller and shaved off some of the thick “dome” band to be a bit more feminine. We loved the finished product so much that we made a mold of the ring and added it to our website for all of our LZ customers. You can purchase the Sapphire Gypsy Ring here!