Satin Ring

What stones/pieces did the client have to start with?

 We had anywhere from 15 to 20 stones to start from, maybe more. The client had brought in heirloom rings, loose stones, raw uncut sapphires, and her previous wedding band(s).  We started by categorizing and taking measurements of each stone for reference and then started to narrow in on a color pallet.

Where or who did the stones and rings originally come from?
To just narrow down to the five stones we actually used from the ring. The answer goes like this:
The two accent marquise diamonds came from the clients original wedding band. 
The pink round ring was a loose pink sapphire she had as a raw stone that our stone guy cut just for her.
The oval green stone was also originally a raw sapphire that we had cut into an oval, brilliant cut stone too.
Did the client have any specific ideas or visions?
She did not have any particular vision but her directives went like this. “I want it to look like me, be very unique, and durable.”
What style was the client looking for? 
She wanted the overall style to be modern and unique. Nothing like she has ever seen before, clearly a custom ring, but wearable and timeless. 
What obstacles did you encounter during the design process?
The obstacles were just around design. We went through 5 drawings and 2 cad designs before we got it right. We also called an audible and when putting the ring into production switched to a satin polish finish so it wouldn’t be so “in your face” shiny.
What unique features does this ring have?
This ring is a satin finish, including both bezel and burnish settings. The uniqueness comes from the asymmetrical design, but mixed with traditional settings. A cigar band is one of the most traditional designs. That mixed with the juxtaposition of the setting makes this ring so fun.