Alex M.

One of the first engagement rings we have ever created, this piece has a special place in our hearts. There are very few occasions that a groom is very much involved in the engagement ring design process; this ring is one of those exceptions. This groom, Lucas, had many opinions on the ring. After our second round of design portfolios that was sent to him he chose within 3 minutes, put down a deposit, and the ring was done in four business days. A record on both our end and decision making on our client’s end of the process. The bride had told her future husband years before that she preferred an aquamarine as a center stone. The aquamarine we chose was a genuine AA antique stone, beautiful color and cut. We set the center stone in a 1.8mm diamond halo with 2mm band stones. An absolutely stunning setting, and a statement nonetheless. This couple was engaged on the beach at sunset in beautiful Mexico.