Eileen D.

This ring has a very, very special place in my heart. This ring was originally my husband’s grandmother’s, Eileen. The most incredible, sweet, and caring woman. Eileen lost her husband over 25 years ago and continued to wear her wedding ring every day. After so many years, she decided to make a change. She came to me with the idea of wearing her ring as a cross, with her diamond set in the middle. We melted down the ring and made a simple cross with the metal and set her original diamond in the center. The necklace turned out stunning; A simple yet memorable piece she could wear everyday.

In the process of recreating her necklace, I decided to make a mold of her original ring. I thought the ring was so unique, simple and beautiful and I selfishly wanted to keep a piece of it for my future daughter. After a couple of years, I reached out to my now brother-in-law and asked if he would like a copy of Eileen’s ring for my sister-in-law. He said absolutely and after a couple of weeks I had cast another version of the ring, added a diamond, and sent it off to him in Boston. 

This is just one example of the many heirloom projects that are possible. Not only can you reinvent pieces to be modern and wearable today, but also, you can reuse and recycle materials from these heirlooms to create new and stunning pieces.